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Nine year old Dylan caught this 63cm bream  with a maggot and a caster on July 29th. Great catch Dylan!


This fish is believed to be a Giant Trevally though the local name in Sri Lanka is paraw fish ( Sri Lankans pronounce P as an F).   Weighing in around 18 to 20 kilos it fed a family of 17 who , because of the tsunami, were crammed into one small house.  Russell left them with a few rods etc so all being well they'll be able to catch their dinner on a regular basis.

Well done Russell on your generosity and congrats on being this months winner of Rex's Cathch Of The Month!



Here is 8 year old Kayleigh from Holland. This is her first effort at fishing for Carp, her catch was 77 cm long and more than 18 pounds! Amazing effort Kayleigh!


Here is "Pomme Tommy"! This was his first effort at fly fishing! What a monster! Just goes to show that it doesn't have to be the biggest fish caught! Well done Tommy!


This sensational Mangrove Jack caught on the Gold Coast near Jumpipin, is our COM winner! At a secret location Andrew and his brother bagged three Jacks on what sounds as though it was a memorable trip, best of all they were put back for someone else to enjoy catching. Love your photo Andrew, the looks on your faces say it all. Congratulations!


Here is photo we don't see too often in Australia! Cristian has caught this magnificent Pike weighing 15kg at lake Sarulesti in Romania. Congratulations on a brilliant catch Cristian, in what looks like pretty tough conditions!

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