Rex's Commentary

Rex as Carey

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Is that Rex Hunt or Wayne Carey??

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My Fevola

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Carlton’s Brendon Fevola kicks a goal and Rex sings “My Fevola”.

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Rex Hunt with Geelong’s Travis Varcoe.

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Football - new intro

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3AW Football Playing to Win !!

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2006 Grand Final Ex Player Interviews

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Rex Hunt, Robert Walls, Tony Shaw and David King (all members of the 3AW Football team) talk about what it’s like to play in a Grand Final.

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Geelong win a close game against Collingwood in the 2007 Preliminary Final, Rex Hunt in the Geelong rooms after the game witnesses a special moment.

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The Rex Collection

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Some memorable moments of Rex's calling in 2005, including:

  • Jack 12 years old phones Rex and does his version of the “fat lady”.
  • 3AW caller plays the gum leaf and Kate Cebrano judges (Rex Factor – Sunday night’s at 5:45pm on 3AW)
  • Rex orders chinese food.. his favourite dish .. double lemon chicken without batter and boneless
  • People on the street try to work out what Rex is talking about
  • Jason Akermanis kicks 2 amazing goals in R13 2005 against Geelong.
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Tarrant and the Fat Lady

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Collingwood's Chris Tarrant awakens the fat lady after kicking a goal against Hawthorn, Round 10, 2005.

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Hird - a legend of the game

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Essendon Legend, James Hird, kicking for goal after the siren against arch rivals Collingwood in the 2005 ANZAC Day clash. Does he kick truly?

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Hear Rex's infamous call of Geelong rising star Gary Ablett Jnr. kicking for goal. The now well know "Yabbalet" catch cry is unique only to who else? Rex! Round 8, 2005 vs. Carlton.

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