G'day Kids and welcome to your very own section of my new website! As I always say, I love kids, I used to be one!

In my Kids Corner I will give you some useful information about fishing, where and how to catch them as well as some fun and interesting activities to do.

Many of you will know me through my television show where I started the “kiss and release” campaign. Now kids all over the world are kissing fish and throwing them back for someone else to enjoy catching. Make sure you check with an adult if the fish you have caught is okay for kissing, some have very sharp teeth and I'd hate anyone to get hurt.

I am counting on you kids who have a love of fishing; to work hard to make sure that the future of fishing always involves catching a feed for the family. There has to be a balance between how many fish you catch, just enough to eat, then put the rest back. I am very proud that fishing is truly a family pastime – everywhere I go I see families involved in fishing and that is great.

If we look after the young fish and the environment that they live in, there shouldn't be any problems for families in the future to catch themselves a feed too.

I hope you enjoy “Rexy's Kids Corner”, get Mum or Dad to send me a photo of some of your catches, I'd love to see what you're all up to. Who knows? You might even win the “Catch of the Month” competition.

Good luck and good fishing!